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Scandinavian Dining Furniture

wood plane

Cardinal Woodcraft began operations in 1988 as a quality furniture manufacturer in Ontario’s Waterloo region. With the increasing European influence in Canada, we have created this collection and branded it as Oslo Furniture. The key elements captured in Scandinavian furniture are simple clean lines, light colours, minimalistic, nature-inspired design, highly functional and with a high quality. We hope Oslo Furniture will inspire you and that you will find a piece to add to your home to enjoy for may years to come.

Note: Oslo Furniture does not sell directly to the public. Our dealers will be delighted to serve you.



skændɪˈneɪviən/ SKAN-dih-NAY-vee-ən/
simple, clean lines, light and pale color palette, minimalistic, nature-inspired design, democratic, highly functional and with a high quality — these are all key attributes of what has been known since the mid-20th century as "Scandinavian design"

| Solid Wood Furniture
| Made in Canada
| Distinctive Style
| Customizable
| Made-to-Order
| Short Lead Times
| Since 1988

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